There’s an old saying that a man’s home is his castle but in Australia we need to refine that saying a little. Instead of a man’s home, it should be a man’s shed,  because there’s no doubting that your average Aussie male only really feels like the king of his domain when he’s happily tinkering in his shed.

At Sturdy Steel, we’re well aware of what blokes require in a shed. We make the sheds Bendigo and district blokes transform into their own personal castles of happiness because we know how blokes work. It’s not a chauvinistic thing. It’s just genetics! Men in particular are happier in the shed, and if you don’t believe us we can back up our claim with a few facts and figures.

Take a look at the feedback from a study for depression organisation beyondblue. That research showed blokes who got together in Men’s Sheds were not only happier, but they were also healthier and clearer thinking than blokes who didn’t gather in sheds. Another survey in the UK revealed that the shed was the place many people felt happier than anywhere else in the world.

So as well as being a leading manufacturer of sheds in Bendigo, our team at Sturdy Steel could lay claim to manufacturing male happiness! Okay, that might be pushing it a little far but we certainly make sensational sheds, ranging from garden sheds and residential sheds, through to workshops and farm sheds.

If you’re in the market for a new shed in Bendigo and district, then make sure you contact Sturdy Steel, where we’ll manufacture your shed and deliver it to you in a do-it-yourself kit or install it for you on-site. No matter the type of shed you’re after, we guarantee you’ll be happy with the finished product.

And we’re pretty sure you’ll be happier just by being in your new shed. After all, a man’s shed is his castle!